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Re-creation of an art piece.

This idea was inspired on seeing "The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalí. (Advising to check this link out for additional understanding.)

Bah, explain maybe?
There can be different ways of approaching this topic - you can either pick a piece in your gallery and create a 'disintegration' of it, just as Dalí did with his infamous painting.
Or you can create two pieces, both the original and the re-creation one. Like a double-sided pizza or smth...

Kapish, hmm? (:

Okay, what about the media/art style?
The contest is open for all types of media (including lit), be it photomanipulation, photography, drawing, painting, spitting on the floor and scanning it in, experimenting with rotten food, cooking... as long as you STICK to the topic and convey your idea well enough.
However, both pieces have to be the same media - shooting a photo and borking it up in PS won't be considered as re-creation (;

NB Surrealistic quality is a bonus, but not the limit of the sky.

At least September 4th. Might get more extended (;

Hmm... how about the prize?

1st place:
:bulletgreen: interview & feature on both my site and my dA page for at least a month
:bulletgreen: 1 year subscription to dA
:bulletgreen: an avatar by rainbowtohell

2nd place:
:bulletgreen: feature on both my site and my dA page for at least two weeks
:bulletgreen: three month subscription to dA
:bulletgreen: an avatar by rainbowtohell

3rd place:
:bulletgreen: feature on both my site and my dA page for at least two weeks
:bulletgreen: one month subscription to dA

Subby prizes provided by the awesome Windy999! *hugggggg*

NB If you'd like to donate any kind of prizes and take part in judging the contest rather than participating in it, note me, please (:

Yay so how do I submittt?
Send me a note with the link to your entry. Oh, bribes accepted, too (; However, just one entry per person.
Also, when submitting, be so kind and don't forget to mention a link to this contest in the artist's comments!

Judging, eh?
:bulletgreen: compliance to the theme/idea
:bulletgreen: execution of the idea
:bulletgreen: quality
:bulletgreen: creativity
:bulletgreen: or just something that blows me off my feet (kidding, of course)

I might be posting an in-depth judging description after the contest is closed, just so everybody knows why the winners are the winners (:
Also, there might be a public poll to vote for the finalists, but that really depends on the popularity of the contest.

:bulletgreen: Simbelmine, moi
:bulletgreen: rainbowtohell

Questions, comments? Submissions?

For more information please check out this journal entry